Auto Accident

Anas Anis Khalaf DC explains  Auto Accident Injury Treatment

If you are involved in an incident where you sustain a long-term auto accident injury as a result, finding necessary relief is sure to be a priority. The first step in obtaining assistance in the reduction of discomfort from an auto injury that lasts is to make an appointment with Anas Anis Khalaf DC. Our chiropractor helps those living in the St Petersburg or Orlando areas and will provide you with a chiropractic treatment plan that works. Here is some information about what you can expect when visiting our practice.


Medical History Will Be Discussed

If you have any pertinent information that was provided to you in a hard copy form from your physician or the hospital that treated you after your auto injury, be sure to bring it along to your appointment. Our chiropractor will look over this documentation to find out what treatment was already provided so it is not duplicated. 

Tests Will Be Conducted

Our chiropractor will ask you to perform a series of small tasks to determine which portions of your body are affected by the automobile injury. These tests will check on your range of motion and any pain you experience when performing them. These tests will help our chiropractor to devise a treatment plan specific to your particular injuries and discomfort level. Our practitioner uses hands-on tactics to treat patients. There is no medication administered and non-invasive procedures are used instead. Treatment provided by our chiropractor can be used in tandem with your physician's orders as well.

Treatment Is Then Provided

After your evaluation, our chiropractor will provide you with treatment to help reduce the pain you are experiencing. In many cases, spinal adjustments will help a variety of conditions in the body. Spinal adjustments reduce stress upon the joints in the body, helping circulation and healing to occur. These adjustments may require that you make subsequent visits to our practitioner for treatment. In addition to manipulation of the injured portions of the body, our chiropractor can provide relief in the form of massage administration, the application of hot or cold temperature to affected areas, or electric stimulation of the muscles where the pain is felt. Light exercises or stretches under the monitoring of our practitioner may also help to reduce discomfort effectively.

If you are suffering from an auto accident injury, chiropractic care can be beneficial in reducing discomfort as desired. If you live in the St Petersburg or Orlando area, reach out to Anas Anis Khalaf DC to make an appointment for an evaluation. Reach our St Petersburg Wellness Clinic or Orlando Wellness Center by calling (727) 440-7411 to make an appointment for an evaluation with our practitioner.

What You Need to Know In The Case Of An Automobile Accident


Many people who are involved in automobile accidents are unaware of hidden injuries and therefore release their insurance company from liability by settling before being checked by a health practitioner. Your head can move up to 4 times the speed of impact in a split second. So that little 10 mph fender bender may have snapped your neck back and forth at 40 mph ripping and tearing ligaments, muscles, nerves, and other ‘soft tissues’, often with no visible injury. You may experience neck pain, back pain, headaches or other problems months or years after the accident.


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